Friday, May 20, 2005

Time is on my side...

My co-workers and I were finding it extremely hard to work and concentrate yesterday afternoon being that we were mere hours away from seeing (thankfully no one in our group dressed up) the new Star Wars. Hubby, Dan, decided he wasn’t a true fan and so only the little man, Elijah, and I went. Late nite but at least school today for him is a field trip to the Lowry Park Zoo. It was great and I will not recap anything here but I will say that all of your questions will be answered. At least, earlier yesterday morning I was able to get 2 more rounds of my hourglass done sitting in the waiting room as Elijah had sealants put on his teeth. I am heading for #3 of the first 10 rounds in the lower body. Again…I just love the feel of the Noro Cash in my hands. It wasn’t a non-knitting day after all! I reminded him that the last time we were there I was still knitting the multidirectional scarf that he has now claimed as his own. I know for a fact that my hourglass is off limits unless of course it becomes someone’s gift.

Today we are also preoccupied with thoughts of hobnobbing with the Bucs at the annual Pewter Party partner…and my mind will be hovering around the fact that I can visit my LYS (on the south side of town near the party). Need to pick up another ball of Jo Sharp Kid Mohair to finish the Misty Garden scarf from Pam Allen's Scarf Style, looking for #95 and #130 Noro Kureyon for the child’s scarf in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts to knit for my niece’s birthday (end of June so I thought I needed to start immediately), and some sock yarn to try my hand at my first-ever pair of socks.


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