Monday, July 18, 2005

Crazy for Wizards...

OK, I was one of the 6.9 million that bought the new Harry Potter book on Friday nite. It was actually a very cultish our local Borders equal numbers of adults and kids came dressed up in their favorite character. But then again, there were quite a number of homogenous witches. There were activities that bored E so he was quite content to look through video game strategy guides as we waited in anticipation while I knitted his HP scarf.

E with his strategy guide at the Borders' Harry Potter Party Posted by Picasa

Strangers came up to both of us...E for his uncanny resemblance to HP (well pre-hogwarts days as you can imagine) and me because I was knitting the HP scarf in public. E pooped out at 11:15 and so hubby took him home while I waited for the clock to strike midnite and my #147 to be called. It was fairly painless...finished reading my book online and secured a copy for us and one for my dad. Home, secure with the book by 12:50. About 1/3 done so far. Definitely great and far from disappointing. Looking forward to seeing what the last page brings.


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