Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy 2006!

Started off with yet another resolution to keep things a bit more current around here. So it's new year's cleaning at Knit Happened. Hence, the updated what's on my needles and some updated buttons with KALs. After realizing that the entrelac technique involved in the Lady Eleanor Stowl wasn't as frightening as I had anticipated I decided that the next new technique for the coming year was going to be learning Fair Isle. In my Internet travels I discovered a Norwegian KAL which has invaluable info and a very nice moderator. I was originally going to start with the Norwegian Stockings a la Jess but thanks to seeing the beautiful hats that MJ's made with Bea Ellis kits I decided that first up will be a Traditional Hat for my nephew's birthday. I am a true Continental knitter...pretty fast when I get cooking and I did discover that I can keep the yarns separated and not have to teach this old dog new tricks by using a gizmo called the Clover Yarn Guide (but I do plan to try holding both yarns any way in my left hand but it is my plan B).

Up later this afternoon will be trying to figure out why the links to the last set of pics that I had associated with my 12/6 posts were broken links. Hence for the moment there are no pics anymore with those posts.

And now that I have set the blog to moderate comments I won't have any more spam comments!


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