Monday, February 5, 2007

Swapping Along

Just as Knit Mitt Swap Kit finished, I'm now about to embark on my Bloomin' Feet 2 journey. I wanted to first share a view of my KMSK from Janice in Canada...a really awesome felted tote bag that had a Fleece Artist thrum mitten kit packed within (always wanted to try my hand at this although it will be a pair of mittens probably gifted to my niece in N. Andover...doesn't usually get cold enough to wear heavy mittens in Tampa although tonite it is supposed to get down into the high 30s!) and some double-pointed needles and yarn needles.

Now I have become a woman obsessed with my match for BF2...good thing she doesn't know who she is because I feel like I'm stalking herblog...trying to find out interesting tidbits to add to the package. I knew exactly what I would knit for BF2 , which would be in keeping with the title...Iris Garden Socks (pattern from Six Socks from October 2006). I just joined this KAL and looking forward to the new pattern that is named "Springtime in Paris"! But I fell in love with the Iris Garden Socks...I'll be jumping in to my first toe-ups and using Magic Loop and
doing an afterthought heel (good thing I already learned stranded last year).

Nothing like expanding my horizons for 2007! I went in search of the colorway that I had envisioned to go along with the almost solid that I had on hand (Lorna's Laces in Manzanita). I also wanted to use yarn from an Indie designer that my pal had never used before...looked at everything on etsy and every time I found one I liked...sold out when I went back! My top choice was Deep Carnival from Brooklyn Handspun.

Then I thought...I have an indie colorway at home that has more than enough yardage for both the Maude shawl that I purchased it for as well as a pair of socks...a purple iris colorway from Carol at Black Bunny Fibers and lo and behold I had some Trekking in a subtle orange that I could use as it's compliment (the Manzanita just didn't have the punch I was looking for).

I already got some handmade soap from Milagros in Tampa for
the package and know exactly all of the other various sundries that I will include for my BF partner.

Hopefully I will have some more content tomorrow with FO photos!



Anonymous amanda said...

you're ambitious! i love it. and i love orange and purple together...have fun with that pattern, it looks great!

February 7, 2007 at 10:10 AM  
Anonymous Teyani said...

that's going to be a stunning sock for Bloomin' Feet

February 13, 2007 at 12:29 PM  

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