Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hurricane Sock Pal package

As that I am back from vacation (which will be an entire other post...maybe even two), I want to officially thank Lynette for my Hurricane Sock Pal package. It was a tad late as she had a problem with her short row heel for Alison's ankle pattern. I really like the way that the STR club patterns handle short row heels with the knit into the first wrapped stitch on your way back and then continue wrap and turn while knitting into the double wrapped stitches rather than picking up the wraps or doing the yarn over technique (I didn't seem to find a tutorial online so I might just have to write one up myself with pictures). Getting back to my package...the sock was knit on bamboo needles which Lynette included using STR Knitty Rocks (and so do you Lynette), there was chocolate Cadbury cookies (which unfortunately the dog got hold of instead of the biscuits that Lynette packed specifically for him, light-up needles, a fab bag to carry all of my knitting projects (it was stuffed to the brim for the trip), a copy of Knitting Vintage Socks, magnets, wine bottle topper with accompanying charms and handmade organic soap.
Thanks again Lynette! And thanks to Christy for another great swap and job of hosting...looking forward to Hurricane Socks 2008!


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