Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mother of all inventions

After a chance conversation about gardening in early summer with a co-worker, I discovered: the Earthbox. An Earthbox, for those who might never have heard of it, is this container that is an invention gem, which allows irrigation and proper watering to magically occur. Plus there are coasters for the bottom so if need be they can be relocated for better sun or even moved inside when frost hits. I hit Amazon just right and purchased two on special in August but did not get around to planting until the first weekend in October (it was very Indian summer around my next of the woods).

I followed the clearly defined instructions and planted in the first box, two types of peppers (early large hybrid red and a petite yellow), cilantro, dill, and my favorite herb, rosemary. In no time at all, the itty bitty plants blossomed into a jungle (unfortunately two go rounds of basil were casualties but then again they also did not last in the ground in my herb/veggie garden as well). At two weeks, the plants...well really the peppers and dill have grown so much they had to be staked!!!!

The peppers are beyond large..almost mutant. But are still hanging on the plant as, from what I understand, I will not harvest until they morph out of their very greeness.

But here's the first one budding out of the flower. Proud momma, yes, I am.

Next up, tomato escapades...

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