Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ode to the vegetable that is a fruit

I have always been a big fan of tomatoes...all kinds great and small. Growing up I remember my grandfather lovingly tending his tomato garden, complete with unusual staking and constant watch to combat bugs and insects tampering with the fruit yield.

Ironically, the one item that I craved during pregancy was the tomato...mostly fresh, cut up with some nice Buffalo Mozzzarella. YUM!!! So prompted by the oogling of Anne's garden of delight up in Ohio, I decided to start my own tomato stash.

After laboring over what seeds I would first purchase, I went ahead and ordered from Victory Seeds the following...mostly heirloom tomatoes: Black Krim, Caspian Pink,Cherokee Purple, Principe Borghese, and then Red Grape. I started all the seeds using the Burpee Ultimate Seeding System on October 2, and ended up planting the first seedlings in the garden 3 weeks later...all of my Principe Borgheses.

I was concerned that the roots were not very robust and opted to wait on all the other seedlings to just before Thanskgiving...BIG MISTAKE, as the only seedlings that survived were one each of Black Krim and Cherokee Purple (nice and cozy in their very own Earth Box!)

And the unveiling of my first tomato flower, Principe Borghese!

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